What could you do with an extra 18 days a year from every member of staff?

  • Boost Staff Productivity up to 100%

  • Improve communication accuracy and reduce errors

  • Reduce RSI

  • Give them a life-long skill

Courses held in Glasgow, Edinburgh and across  Scotland.

'One of the causes of RSI is  two-fingered typists who use computers for a considerable part of their working day- without any proper keyboard training.

Touch Typing Courses for Business and Public Sector:

We tailor our courses to suit the individual requirements. The following are examples only:


Introduction Course: 1 Day course:


This course starts the process of training staff in keyboard skills - learning "movement memory" to train the brain away from "location memory". Gaining familiarity with the hand movements and key letter finger placements.


Productivity Boost Course: 2 Day course


Building on the Introduction Course we intoduce the learners to the remainder of the QUERTY keys, re-inforcing the importance of movement memory and helping to "unlearn" the bad habits of location learning.

Intensive Course: 3 Day Course


Intensive touch typing training course covering the whole keyboard with a focus on accuracy, which will bring about increased speeds.

Courses run from 9:30am to 4:30pm with breaks.

Refreshments and a light lunch are provided.

The majority of staff in your office will use ‘location memory’ to type. 


This means they can never take their eyes off the keyboard for long.  A good description is ‘hunting and pecking’ like electro-chickens. 

The average computer user types at around 20 words per minute. Consider the huge gain in productivity of increasing this to upwards of 40 - 60wpm or even higher.

Courses are held at selected training venues in Edinburgh, Glasgow or elsewhere in Scotland. We select the most convenient location for you.

Courses can also be held on the client’s premises if suitable.

Minimum 8 attendees – maximum 12 per course.

These courses can be tailor-made to suit your specific needs.

To gain the maximum benefit from our courses it is imperative that all attendees practice their newly learnt skills after the course ends to reinforce the movement memories. 

We supply ALL the Equipment including
● Laptops ● Monitors ● Headphones

● Colour coded keyboards and mice

​​● Keyboard covers

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