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Private Touch Typing Tuition

Here’s an interesting observation…. most of our students have parents who can themselves Touch Type.

These parents can understand the huge advantages that this gives their children over their peers and throughout their lives.

Touch Typing does not come easily to some children – they require the time, encouragement and dedication that Type by Touch offers on their private courses.

Others want to be the very best.

Type by Touch offers Private “One on One” Touch Typing Tuition to those who:

  • Find it difficult to quickly learn the skill

  • Have Dyslexia or other Learning Difficulties

  • Prefer to be taught in the privacy of their own space

  • Want to excel at this vital skill


Although some schools offer Touch Typing as part of their curriculum this generally relies on "self teaching" methods which are only rarely correctly taught and successful.


Private Tuition costs from £25 per hour and the courses and timings are tailored to each individual.

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