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Type by Touch Safeguarding Policy

Type by Touch is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, as well as course learners of all ages.

Type by Touch provides touch-typing tutorial courses in the Tutor’s home training room, as well as in private residences or hired village halls.  Safeguarding procedures adopted are in line with best practice as set out by Ofsted in September 2011.

Prior to commencing any activity on premises other than our own, we endeavour to seek compliance with the prevailing Child Protection policy and Site Security arrangements. We seek to be appraised of any hired property’s policy for Fire Drills and the reporting of injuries.

The Course Leader has been DBS checked.  We adhere to safer recruitment practices in the recruitment of any classroom helpers. We retain personal details and references for all helpers and instruct them as to the safeguarding responsibilities of their role.

All tutors and staff are vigilant with regard to bullying, harassment and discrimination and to be mindful of the particular requirements of any pupils with LDD.  We understand boundaries and use only appropriate language and dress code while the course is in progress. We demand courteous and responsible behaviour at all times.

We operate in an appropriate setting using Type by Touch’s own equipment. Nevertheless we are mindful of the students’ Health and Safety at all times encouraging good posture and avoiding overly long sessions of uninterrupted work at computer work stations. We are watchful for electrical hazards.

Type by Touch courses use software that is installed on their own network servers by the Course Leader.  The software is designed specifically for educational purposes and does not present any risks in terms of e-Safety. We do not require access to the internet in the delivery of our face to face courses and endeavour to ensure that students do not access the internet during these classes.

We are mindful that students are scheduled to leave the premises at the end of one of our sessions. We cannot accept direct responsibility for handing students over to parents or carers for collection but we do seek to be appraised of any handover procedures .

We strive to maintain a culture of vigilance and to ensure that students feel safe at all times as they develop their touch-typing skills with Type by Touch..

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