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Children and Parent Reviews

"We've had fantastic feedback at school - mostly parents said they couldn't believe how much their children wanted to return to the course the next day, and how much they enjoyed it" (SCS)

“I enjoyed the course very much. It was fun. It has made me realise just how much it will help me in the future – quicker typing essays and good for job applications!”

“Touch typing is an amazing thing to learn - and you never forget it.”


“He is thoroughly enjoying his week with you and simply doesn’t want it to end…to the extent that he has asked if he can come back again during the next holiday! I can see he is picking it up well and am sure that as he practises at home, this will become second nature to him.”

“My son and daughter had a really good experience and have made good progress. The best part is they have both been on the computer consistently so it wasn’t just a keenness while they had to!
Many thanks again for this life skill. I’ll let you know when they’re better than me.”

"Thank you so much. Brilliant course and discipline to learn!"        C.V., Salisbury

"I’m very impressed with the progress made over just four days. keen to show off his typing. I will have to make sure he gets on with some practice to keep it going as it’s such a valuable skill." AW, Salisbury

"Thank you.  I very much enjoyed the course."  JR, Salisbury

"My son absolutely loved the course in fact I believe all the children thoroughly enjoyed it. I have no idea how you managed to in-still so much enthusiasm in them all!"  J.O., Salisbury

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