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Reviews of our Touch Typing Courses

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“I know my children have really enjoyed the course so thank you so much.  You really have been a fantastic teacher and the children are both so lucky to have been taught by such a positive, encouraging person and to have gained such a valuable life-long skill.  We will make sure the children keep the practice up to embed the skills that they have learnt.

We shall certainly be ‘flying the flag’ for you.”  

L.Pittard, Lymington

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“The touch typing has been an absolute godsend.  My 9yr old struggles with dyslexia and the ability to put his thoughts down neatly and quickly with touch typing has meant that the quality of his schoolwork has taken a gigantic leap forward.  My 12yr old daughter is now also increasingly relying on her laptop and benefiting greatly.

I can’t thank you enough for putting them on the right track.”    

J C: Oundle

"We've had fantastic feedback at school - mostly parents said they couldn't believe how much their children wanted to return to the course the next day, and how much they enjoyed it"

SCS, Salisbury

“Diane is just the person you would dream of to teach this course. My son was rather reluctant to spend a week of his summer holiday learning to type however after the first lesson he loved it and furthermore loved Diane. She understands how to make it fun and engage those who struggle more than others.”


Bellingham, Northumberland, October 2019

“Am so pleased with Benjamins progress & you are clearly an inspirational teacher! Have had no moans or groans about his classes with you, which is so good for a 15  year old teenager!”  

J.J, Cheshire

"I am a Child and Developmental Psychologist and have taught in Primary, Secondary, SENCo and FE and carried out diagnostic assessments for the past 16 years of so.​  I touch-type myself and I can't even remember an assessment report in which I have not recommended touch-typing. I endorse Diane". 

Dr.EA, Salisbury

Fovant August 2019.jpg

“You teach an invaluable skill - particularly for children like my son who finds writing such a struggle. He is going from strength to strength having just started at public school and is thriving in the top sets …long gone are the days when he was held back & terribly frustrated by his tortuous handwriting!” 

Mrs. JJ: Rutland

“Dear Diane

Thank you very much for running the touch-typing course. I have now got to 40 words per minute and I now really enjoy typing my work. This is because I came on the course.

Kind Regards, Charlie.”


“We have been really impressed with the course and J has come on a lot with her typing so thank you very much”                                                                                                                                                                  Mrs A: Sheffield


“F really enjoyed the course & he will continue to practise a little every day, whilst we are working at home.  Your tuition was spot-on for him: the right balance of encouragement & directiveness. Your kindness of offering the ‘extra’ hours of your time was amazing and much appreciated – seen very little nowadays”.            Mrs J D: Devon

“Thank you for being so patient with us and giving the children the tools to learn touch typing.  They are keen to keep going which is good news”                                                                                                             Mrs O P: London

“E’s been practicing and has the 50 gold star and C has now got the 100 gold star award.  I heard about you on a Facebook post.  I’ve already recommended you and will continue to do so. I’m so glad my boys  now have this skill and are still keen to keep up the practice!”                                                                                           Mrs T S: Perth

"My 8yr old has now been assessed as dyslexic and will be using a computer at school and in exams. As he's able to touch-type at 40wpm following your dynamic touch typing course, he will now not be disadvantaged.  We can't thank you enough."                                                                                                                                  CJ: Northants


"Harry and Ben’s typing is improving… I know that their accuracy and speed will only get better with time and it’s a fantastic skill to have… it was nice for the children to be in a home environment.

I think you are great with the children, you have a lovely warm personality that they warm to".

Charlotte: Summer Hols

"Thank you so much for a fabulous course. The boys really enjoyed themselves and getting to know two older boys from school. Bertie said this afternoon on the train to London that he felt happy that he had learnt how to do something new that will make his life easier forever! That’s the kind of accolade you want".

Roz: October Half Term

“The course has been fantastic, a good mix of challenge and achievement.  The comradery between the students was very good even though they did not know each other at the beginning of the course.

I will definitely be recommending this course for more students at school.  Thank you Diane as I know you have helped me as well as all the youngsters present!”

Claire F: Godolphin School August

"Thank you for the feedback. Joseph really enjoyed your typing course and with continued practice it will be brilliant for him at school and beyond." 

JC Shepton Montague Dec

Thank you very much, great course and a very useful skill to have.  I learnt a lot, programme very useful and easy to follow.  Would definitely recommend it

LY  West Meon Jan

Thank you so much for teaching William touch typing and for all your invaluable feedback. He did really well. Naturally we will give him your words of encouragement and feedback and urge him to continue to practice little and often. This skill will help him throughout his life and is so invaluable.

Ben will also complete this course with you when he is 9. I will keep in touch.

With best wishes and many thanks

EG and W G. April

"Thank you so much Diane. You were wonderful, the whole week went well and the children learned so much. They all enjoyed the week, and Maddie has been practicing!"

Isabel: October Half Term

And dozens more...

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