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Internet Learning v's Tutored Course - which works Best?

It is very difficult to learn to touch type on your own – our human nature makes maintaining discipline and motivation difficult. 

  • There are a huge number of downloadable courses available on the internet. But our experience is that it is a rare exception to come across someone who has learned to touch-type properly using such software.  Those that have, succeeded because they were highly motivated to do so. 

  • Most learners of all ages reach a point where they feel their keyboard knowledge is adequate and stop there – and so forever become “hen peckers”. 

  • Schools with their busy daily curriculums often opt for this route, offering touch-typing learning as a ‘fill-in occupation’ when children have anything upwards of 10minutes to spare but rarely is there any supervision of the learning.

Capture their interest... ....build their potential

Learning to touch type is like learning any new physical skill as learners use a different memory altogether – one based on finger-to-key movements, not on key location.  Once learned accurately, the movements soon become automatic with practice and are retained for life. 

But learning which key is hit by which finger takes practice and self-discipline.  Learners become much slower to start with, but with our support and through accuracy learning and effort, typing speeds will suddenly increase dramatically after a short period of time..

Learning movement memory.
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Where are the Courses run?

The home courses Diane runs are popular as well as being small and personal.  Children feel very comfortable in a home-from-home country environment with break activities designed to take their minds (& eyes) off screens.


The home courses are run from Diane's home near Methven, Perth in a training room that is equiped to train up to 8 learners. Click here for dates and times.

Courses are also held in the homes of "volunteer" parents who live a distance from Perth and yet would like their children to learn to touch type in a group of others.


If you would like to be a "volunteer" parent or are interested to learn more on the dates and locations please get in touch with us.


Who can Attend the Courses?

​The ‘ideal age’ to start to learn to touch type would be from 8yrs upwards.  To learn properly we have to "undo" all the bad practices that hunting and pecking with 2 figers will have created, and so the sooner we can get started the better.

The courses, all of which are a mix of ages and genders, work wonderfully well and adults are very welcome to join.

Course Size is maximum 12 participants and everyone from 8yrs upwards is welcome.  There is no upper age limit to learning this skill – we have had people from every walk of life – Barrister, Film Producer, Writer, CEO’s and even a Judge learn this skill – some more successfully than others as it’s hard undoing bad habits and relearning them.  Everyone who participates, gains and all enjoy the course.  It’s good for the brain

How long does it take to learn Touch Typing?

Our courses generally comprise 3hr 15min morning or afternoon sessions over 4 days . We have found this the optimal time for learning.


Most of our students complete the course within this time and become really competent touch typists.


However it is essential that the course is backed up with practice. Like learning a musical instrument or learning how to drive, ongoing practice is essential and the more that is done, the quicker the skill is learned and touch typing speeds increase.  


It is obviously impossible to know in advance how easy or difficult individual learners will find gaining this skill.  However those with special needs or learning difficulties may need longer to fully complete the programme and do the repetition necessary for the movements to become automatic.  Doing an add-on Booster Course often helps, and this option will be discussed with you

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Our Vision


In other European countries and in America, learning to Touch Type is part of the school curriculum and is taught accordingly. 


The old-fashioned prejudice that Touch Typing is a skill for secretaries only, is still prevalent in the UK today, and since there are no plans to introduce it to the curriculum, children are left at a distinct disadvantage.

It is a fact that a two-finger typist, henpecking around the keyboard will struggle to keep up with those who have learned  to touch type speedily and accurately.

Our vision is to enable as many people as possible to benefit from all the huge advantages that can be gained by being freed from the tyrrany of always having to look at the keyboard.

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