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Learn to Touch Type with our Face to Face Tutored Courses

Course in a Private Home
Course at Lyddington pub
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Private Home Course

Face To Face course options

Holiday Courses held in Select Schools

Many schools now appreciate the huge advantage touch typing gives pupils. We run in house holiday courses at a growing number of schools that fully support what we do.

These courses are also open to children from other schools to attend.

If your children’s school is interested, please ask them to get in touch.  Whilst we fully appreciate some IT Departments promote touch typing with various installed software, the key to learning this skill is having supervision to ensure the correct muscle memory is learned properly from the outset, making it a valuable life-long skill.

Face To Face Courses in Private Homes

Many parents enjoy hosting a course in their homes and we have held many such courses - from Northumberland to Scotland, Suffolk to Wiltshire.

If you would like to host a course and have a suitable space for around 10, please get in touch by CLICKING HERE.

We provide all the equipment and ensure the children have a fun (and rewarding) experience.

A very Happy Student

Courses at our Home Base

The home courses we run are popular as well as being small and personal, run from our home near Perth in a training room equipped for up to 8 learners.

Touch Typing Perthshire

Course Size

Courses are kept small so that there is plenty of time for 1:1 interaction and targeted help in a relaxed, non-competitive and fun atmosphere, with lots of support and encouragement and supervision. 


We supply all necessary computer equipment and are DBS registered. Course feedback is overwhelmingly positive.  

Red Rice Course

Red Rice Course

Pewton Mewsey Course

Pewton Mewsey Course

Fotheringhay Village Hall

Fotheringhay Village Hall

Have Fun Learning to Touch Type

The course sessions are engaging and full of interest, with various amusing games making it easy for learners to stay focused.

Best of all, the course is fun – and Diane makes it as unpressured and noncompetitive as possible, with individual learners setting their own pace of learning.  Numbers are kept low so each student receives as much individual attention as possible.  Everyone enjoys it, gaining a skill-for-life.   


The software we’ve used for over 10 years was developed by an English Educational Psychologist. The programme is well structured - everyone learns at their own pace and it is non-competitive.    The multi-sensory approach encourages reading and aims to improve spelling, grammar and vocabulary for younger learners. 

Like learning a musical instrument or any new physical skill, learning to touch type requires practice – and the more done, the quicker the skill is embedded. 

With encouragement the touch typing soon becomes automatic, leaving the touch typist free to focus entirely on the content they are putting on the screen, never needing to look down at their fingers or the keyboard again.

Learning movement memory.
Touch Typing Group
Woolston Course
The West Meon Group
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