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Touch Typing Tutoring

over 10 years experience

“Hey Diane, my GCSE's went amazingly and I just wanted to say Thank you so much for teaching me how to touch type. I couldn’t have got anywhere close to what I did without you. 😂Thank you Ben”

Improving Academic Success

Keyboard and Mouse

Learn to Touch Type with Diane

Touch Typing Courses with Qualified Tutor Supervision

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Type by Touch is proud to have been accepted as a Duke of Edinburgh Activity Provider.

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Remote Courses

Simply Log In to our Virtual Private Network using your Laptop or Desktop PC.

Face to Face Courses

We supply ALL the Equipment
● Laptops ● Monitors

● Headphones

● Colour coded keyboards and mice

​​● Keyboard covers


Educational Psychologists Recommend Students learn to Touch Type to improve their grades.

Private Family Courses can be run in your Own Home with all equipment supplied.

Touch Typing can Significantly Help Students Improve their Grades, Confidence and Life Opportunities.

  • Improved Exam Results

  • Gain advantages at School and University, as well as having a highly regarded asset for a future career

  • Increased Eye-hand Co-ordination and letter recognition for quicker cognitive jumps, aiding performance and boosting confidence

  • Reduced hand and wrist pain

  • Once learnt never forgotten

  • With automatic finger movements, focus can be entirely on ideas and content, with eyes remaining on the screen. 


For those with Learning Difficulties, Handwriting Problems or those given Permission to use a Computer in Exams, it can be Transformational.  






Don’t Assume your Children can learn with "Self-Teach" Programmes, or at School


Tutoring a young person to Touch Type requires a considerable amount of time, personal attention, encouragement and, of course, money,

But it is a hugely worthwhile investment.


Touch Typing involves learning at least 32 finger-to-key movements, replacing old habits of “location memory” with “muscle memory’.  Left to their own devices, almost no-one learns it properly, taking shortcuts and remaining lifelong ‘hunters & peckers’.

Youngsters often think they can “type fast” already - but put a teacloth over their hands and see what happens!

What Age is Ideal to Learn this Skill? 

8yrs + with no upper age limit. 

How Touch Typing Skills Can Impact Exam Results

                                                      Words Per Minute     Sentences Written in 2 Hrs     % Improvement

Handwriting                                             18                                     145                                      

"Hunt and Peck" Typing                          29                                     232                                         

Touch Typist                                        55+                                 400+                                       90%+                                       

Courses open to all ages

Courses open to all ages

Inhouse School Holiday Course

Inhouse School Holiday Course

Highly engaging course

Highly engaging course

Lots of 1:1 support

Lots of 1:1 support

Bellingham, Near Kielder Forest, Northum
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“Thank you for your calmness. patience and encouragement. It is exactly what my son need. I think that this is more than a typing exercise for him, but also a lesson in stillness and persistency.

Karen BH: Wiltshire

The whole environment that you created was such a comfortable way for them all to learn without feeling pressurised and without the usual reluctance for them to show themselves up in front of their friends. It was great for our son to quietly ask to be woken early in the morning to do his touch-typing homework practice – not the usual enthusiasm that we see. Thank you very much for taking the time and trouble to come down and we hope to see you again sometime soon."

Elizabeth W.

Thank you so much for the magic you have worked with F... over the summer. It has genuinely transformed his education - we have just had parents evening and many teachers commented on his newfound ability to Touch Type!

L&D H: Hampshire

I loved the course and am now getting to 40 words a minute pretty consistently which I think is really cool.  It’s definitely a skill I’ll use for life.

Ben (16yrs): Yorkshire

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Diane Tutoring Student
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Some Touch Typing FAQ's.

Q: Why is Touch Typing so advantageous?


Diane’s answer: 

The maths says it all. Type at 30wpm and a 300-word email will take 10mins to write; type twice as fast, and you can crank it out in 5mins. Another way to frame it: if you spend one hour a day typing, (a conservative estimate) doubling your typing speed saves you at least 30mins every day.  That’s a lot of time saved – not to mention cutting the wear & tear on one’s neck from all the looking up & down! 

Once accurate finger-to-key movements are learned across the keyboard, speed picks up rapidly with ongoing practice. Once you get to 20wpm, you can touch type faster than you can handwrite.

Q: Why can’t I teach myself to Touch Type – what do I gain from doing a course?


Diane’s answer: 

After 10yrs of running courses, I’ve yet to find anyone who’s mastered the skill through self- learning. It requires lots of repetition, encouragement and structured direction  My supervision ensures the correct muscle memories are created, helping break the ‘effort barrier’, and teaching learners that slowing down to learn to touch type is worth the temporary sacrifice.

Q: I can already type quite fast. What difference can you make to my speed?

Diane’s answer: 

Some do reach speeds of around 30wpm. But they have to look down - and so that will always be their speed limit.

There is no comparison to someone with automatic finger movements, who is able to keep their eyes on the screen, attaining speeds up to 100wpm. That is incredibly liberating!