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Duke of Edinburgh Award Touch Typing Courses

Course Options and Costs

Bronze and Silver DofE Skills Activity:          


12 x 1 hour sessions with 1st session 1:1 online, followed by sessions done in your own time with a home learning plan provided, along with Tutor supported weekly sign-ins.            Cost:  £199pp

Price includes home copy of software programme and downloadable paperwork for use on the course.


12 x 1 hr tutored 1:1 sessions online with agreed schedule at times to suit.            Cost: £235pp

Price includes a learners pack which will be posted to you in advance of the course.


Option 2 Learners Pack includes:

  • Access to our unique virtual network for the software programme

  • Stickers and velcro with instructions

  • Paperwork for use on the course

  • Your DofE Assessors Report

  • Tutor Supervision and feedback


How It Works

For students aged 13+ signing onto our 12-week Duke of Edinburgh course, you’ll work independently from home or school and as your Tutor, we’ll be supervising and aiding your learning.

​You’ll need to spend a minimum of 1 hour per week (preferably more) over 12 weeks for a Bronze or Silver Skill.

Whilst you’ll be working remotely or using our Virtual Network online, we’ll be monitoring your progress with advice and feedback weekly at an agreed time. 

Each week we’ll set an individual Lesson Plan, and also provide a monthly tutor report with lots of feedback to turn you into a Touch Typist along with gaining your DofE Skill.

Learners will be given weekly work programmes.  Those on Option 1 will need to email over their Progress Reports each week.  For those on Option 2, we'll spend an hour a week together online where  learning will be done on our Virtual Network so we can keep a close eye that the correct learning is being made.  Advice, targeted help and encouragement will always be available.

After your twelfth session, there will be a test which we expect to be passed to a minimum standard.  The Assessor Report will then be filed with Duke of Edinburgh.                                                             

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