The Benefits of Touch Typing


Gain Confidence


Gain great confidence in truly knowing the keyboard, the keyboard layout and how the interface works


Better Health


A healthier posture limits the onset of muscle strains, back and neck pain and headaches.


Save Time


Touch typing is liberating - saving you 100's of hours a year.


Boost Productivity


At school or work, a student, employeee or employer, being able to touch type boosts produciivity by achieving more in less time.


Gain a Significant Advantage


You are no longer trapped by the tyranny of looking at your fingers. Automatic “movement memory” frees the brain to concentrate only on content.

How will I or My Child Benefit from Learning to Touch Type?

Trying to use a keyboard without touch typing is like writing with a feather and a pot of ink – painfully slow!

Touch typing is about “movement memory” – so you no longer need to try and remember where specific keys are located on the keyboard, free'ing the brain to concentrate only on content.

Once properly mastered, touch typing is a skill that serves well – not just for those at School and University, but throughout our lives on a daily basis – so few skills offer such a good return on such a small investment.

  • Save hours of time and frustration. By encouraging the correct fingering of keys, and using both hands, early learners don’t get into the bad habits of typing with only one hand or slow key pecking with one finger - habits that can be difficult to break. 

  • Touch typing benefits cognitive development and supports learning by improving both working speed and grammar/literacy. 

  • The benefits can be seen across all subjects as learners gain quicker cognitive jumps in their work.


Once mastered - never forgotten.

Stop being another “Electro Chicken” hunting and pecking at your keyboard.

Hand on keyboard
Hands on keyboard
Hands on Keyboard
Handa above keyboard
A keyboard
Both hands on the keyboard


  • ​Save 100’s hours a year

  • Stop looking at your fingers - focus on the screen

  • See your errors as you make them – make instant corrections

  • ​Reduce physical and mental fatigue

  • Boost productivity

  • Aids muscular dexterity and prevents repetitive strain injury

  • No more aching shoulders and sore necks

  • Gives you a significant advantage in your workplace – or at school


Touch typing is a physical skill, and like learning to drive, swim or ride a bicycle, once mastered, it's a life-long skill – one of the best anyone could learn.

​Touch Typing - one of the best investments you can make in your or your children’s future.

"Electro-chickens peck slowly and require stoppage time for corrections. Whilst they may peck at 20 words per minute, corrections halve this to around 10wpm, whereas an average touch typist will do 50-60 wpm”.

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