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Building Keyboard Literacy


Learning to touch type means retraining the brain away from 'location memory' so obvious from 'hunt & peck ' methods and onto 'movement memory' where finger-to-key movements become completely automatic. 


This requires building  connections between individual fingers and thumb, and the brain. 


Touch typists don’t need to remember the location of keys on the Qwerty keyboard.  Instead they learn the finger movements that hit the relevant letters.  That’s the key to it because our brains store information about movement learning in an entirely different area. 


Just like learning any other physical skill – eg to walk, ski, ride a bicycle, drive or even play a musical instrument – you never forget it and this is why, once keyboard literacy is mastered, the ability to touch type becomes a skill learned for life.  Learning musical instruments is extremely helpful for the process, and vice versa.

The Tutor and Course Leader


An experienced and DBS checked touch typing Tutor who has been validated for the software programme and who has been running touch typing courses for over 10 years. Full refernces are available as well as testimonials from many of the 100's of people trained by Type by Touch.


Where are the Courses run?

There are a number of options available depending on your location and requirements. Click here for our upcoming courses. Courses are held at the home of the course leader or in appropriate home-from-home venues hosted by fellow parents –  comfortable, secure environments with safe parking.  Weather dependent, game playing can involve table tennis, badminton, football or indoor games such as scrabble, lotto, poker dice, boggle, backgammon etc.

Courses are also held at the following schools:

Farleigh School near Andover

Godolphin School, Salisbury

Wallhampton School, Hampshire

Copthill School, Lincolnshire

Oakham School, Rutland

Salisbury Cathedral School, Wiltshire

Diane at Farleigh School

Diane at Farleigh School

Godolphin School August 2109

Godolphin School August 2109

Godolphin School August 2109

Godolphin School August 2109

Diane at Farleigh School

Diane at Farleigh School

Keyboard and Mouse

Software used on the Courses


The exceptional software used on the student courses was written by an English Educational Psychologist and follows the UK National Curriculum so the literacy word lists used are all relevant and age-appropriate.  The engaging lessons are full of interest, with various amusing games making it easy to stay focused. The programme is well structured - everyone learns at their own pace and it is non competitive.    The multi-sensory approach encourages reading and aims to improve spelling, grammar and vocabulary for younger learners. 

The adult version of the software is designed to keep the learner fully engaged by ensuring that the basic keyboard letters are learned before moving onto the "harder to learn" keys. Game playing and completed tasks form a vital part of this training.

Key and finger relationships are built up using a unique colour coding system that is a powerful aid to rapid learning.   Another plus is having a detailed Tutor Administration Feature that makes Tutor Feedback specific to every individual learner.  The beginers course takes a minimum of 12-15hours to complete, but those with learning difficulties may require more time to complete the programme.

Like learning a musical instrument or any new physical skill, learning to touch type requires practice – and the more done, the quicker the skill is embedded.  Everyone enjoys doing the programme, getting immediate feedback with progress instantly rewarded as they work through it, motivating learners to keep on moving up levels as their confidence and ability grow.

Touch typing soon becomes automatic, leaving the touch typist free to focus entirely on the content they are putting on the screen, never needing to look down at their fingers or the keyboard again.






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