2020 Touch Typing Courses and Dates

Touch Typing Courses 2020

All Bookings for our Easter Courses will be re-scheduled

The following dates and venues are obviously going to depend on current Government Guidelines.

Dates                                    Venues

Summer Half Term 2020 Courses

23rd May - 26th May

27th May - 30th May




Please contact us for venue information

Summer Holidays 2020 Courses

23rd June - 26th June

27th June - 30th June


4th July - 7th July


8th July - 11th July

12th July - 15th July

16th July - 19th July

20th July - 23rd July

28th July - 31st July

1st August - 4th August am

4th August pm - 7th August am

9th August - 12th August

14th August - 17th August

19th August - 22nd August

23th August -  26th August

27th  August - 30 August

1st Sept - 4th Sept

Kelvinside Academy




Oakham School


Farleigh Prep School

Andover, Hampshire

Available to Book



Available to Book

Wallhampton School

Lymington, Hampshire

Godolphin School, Salisbury, Wiltshire

Salisbury Cathedral School

Salisbury, Wiltshire






Godolphin School

Salisbury, Wiltshire

Farleigh Prep School

Andover, Hampshire



​Copthill School

Stamford, Lincolnshire

Please contact us for booking information

Course sessions are run over mornings or afternoons.

Please get in touch for a Booking Form or for more information.

More coming soon.......

​​When there is a group of 8-12 people wishing to learn this skill, we'll be happy to discuss setting up a private course

Please get in touch to discuss.

Bespoke Courses

Group and 1:1 set up on arrangement. Please get in touch.

Courses will run on demand in our training room in Methven, Perth, Scotland.

Evening Courses

Bespoke courses offered.  Each lesson will be 1.5hrs – 2hrs in duration.

Please contact us to set up an arrangement that suits you best.

Booster Courses

Learning to touch type is all about repetition to enable the correct finger-to-key movements to become automatic.  Returning for a Booster Course (anything from 2-5 sessions) helps to:


  • correct any bad habits or wrong fingering that might have crept in

  • refresh the learning by going back over appropriate lessons interspersed with lots of games

  • cover touch typing keyboard numbers and the grammatical symbols above them. 

  • move the focus to improving touch-typing speed using practice elements in both the software programme and Type by Touch's practice sheets. We also use Word and practice with real life material (newspapers and magazines) as well as verbal dictation. 


Booster courses are designed to cure any particular problems or to help build touch typing accuracy and speed.  Those with learning difficulties may require more time to really embed the skill.  Please contact us to make a personal arrangement regarding suitable times and costs.

Flexible, "pay-as-you-go" Tuition

Bespoke courses for adults and children made under individual arrangement.  You may prefer a venue of your choice, for which there may be travel expenses.

Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

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